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Create your own personalized, effective natural medicine plan — a therapeutic strategy based on your individual needs.

The world is upside down right now, but one thing is certain: it’s more crucial than ever to know exactly how to take exceptional care of your health… 

As you try to locate the most reliable information and make the best decisions for your health, it can feel like you’re stuck in a frustrating maze.

You’ve likely run into conflicting perspectives. Treatments that don’t work, or that come with drawbacks. Prescriptions you want to reduce or avoid altogether.

And as you navigate symptoms, suffering, frustration, and misinformation, you just want to find the right healing solution for YOU — not for a generic, hypothetical patient.

Meanwhile, the limits of our healthcare systems have been stretched to the max recently as mainstream medicine continues to de-invest in public health. 

There’s never been a more critical time to become your own self-care expert… your own clinical herbalist.

The good news is, you have the power to become your own self-care expert. Because you know yourself and your health history better than anyone… 

Your body, your health history, your family history, your environment, your experiences, your LIFE — are all unique to you. No matter what you’re dealing with, the way it manifests — and the way to heal it — is unique to you.

Join us for a new 5-week live video course with David Crow and learn to locate accurate, reliable information to create a holistic healing program that works for you

David will share how to think like a clinician to heal illness and prevent relapse — with or without allopathic medicine.

You’ll confidently sidestep trendy diagnoses and treatments — so you can find real solutions. You’ll skillfully navigate the maze of misleading online information and make decisions based on genuine, evidence-based research.

During this 5-week live video course with David, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop the self-care diagnostic skills you need to address your chronic health conditions, autoimmune illness, inflammation, and more
  • Understand what’s feasible and realistic with natural medicine — including when to use it as a primary treatment, a supportive treatment.. or not at all
  • Confidently use internet resources, and find solutions to your individual needs when faced with many different recommendations
  • Navigate your options when your doctor wants you to take a medication you don’t want
  • Move from disempowered and uninformed patient (through no fault of your own!) to bona fide self-care clinician
  • Collaborate with your doctor when prescription drugs may not be the first or best treatment — or when you’d like to safely discontinue medications and replace them with natural alternatives 
  • Avoid creating dependency on repeated or ongoing detoxification programs 
  • Measure healing progress regarding chronic and complicated conditions

It’s time to reimagine healthcare, to work WITH doctors and practitioners as your partners, and to become your own expert in healing and self-care.

And just by discerning the right treatments for yourself, you’ll be on the frontline of shifting our current healthcare models...

Module 1:
Developing Self-Care Diagnostic Skills for Chronic Health Conditions, Autoimmune Illness, Inflammation & More

(October 22)

Developing clinical-level self-care is a path of personal exploration and discovery…

And it begins with understanding your past and current health challenges

We have access to many diagnostic tools, including the innovations of allopathic medicine and tests that are easily available without prescriptions.

We also have resources and tools to help us understand the progression of symptoms over time, and develop body-based awareness. 

The more diagnostic tools you know how to use, the more clarity you’ll have about the best treatments to ensure the best possible outcome on your healing journey.

In this opening module, David will share:

  • Introduction: What “clinical-level self-care” really means
  • The importance of a detailed health history
  • How past conditions can lead to complex immunological and inflammatory conditions
  • Commonly overlooked causes of (apparently) unrelated symptoms   
  • How localized conditions can affect other parts of the body
  • What to do when you have conflicting diagnoses from different natural practitioners — and your doctor says you’re fine, but you know you aren’t
  • Resources for ordering and interpreting your own blood tests
  • How to use the self-diagnostic tool of body awareness to personalize your herbal program

Module 2:
The Risks & Benefits of Internet Medicine

(October 29)

The rise of the internet has led to exponential growth in the field of natural medicine, bringing you every herb from every part of the world — and myriad sources of information and products. 

So how do you separate truth from fiction in the maze of marketing claims

How can you take the wealth of generic information about herbal remedies and health products and make it relevant to your unique constitution, age, digestive system, and specific health challenges? 

How can you tell which products are good and which are not? 

This week, David will share the answers to all these questions and more — plus, he’ll walk you through the basic online research skills you’ll need to implement clinical-level self-care. 

He’ll also help you develop critical thinking to protect yourself from misleading or fraudulent information.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Introduction: What “internet medicine” really means 
  • The importance of developing critical thinking skills to create your unique personalized herbal program
  • The skillful use of internet resources, including how to find solutions to your individual needs when faced with a multitude of opinions and recommendations
  • The most common trendy (and trash-can!) diagnoses 
  • How to distinguish between plausible and implausible causes of illnesses and symptoms
  • Ways to identify dangerous marketing claims about natural treatments
  • Common detoxification methods that have little to no value
  • Truthful, half-truthful, and completely fictitious claims regarding natural cures 
  • Resources for staying informed about herbal and nutraceutical quality control issues
  • How to research scientific databases for reliable information

Module 3:
The Changing Paradigm of Medicine and Healthcare

(November 5)

The rapidly developing convergence of modern allopathic medicine and ancient herbal traditions has the potential to offer the best and most effective methods from each system, in uniquely integrated ways. 

This week, David will share how the medicine of the near future will utilize botanical remedies for prevention and immune building — as a first line of treatment for many conditions where drugs aren’t needed, and as complementary adjuncts to reduce dosages and side effects of prescription drugs. 

You’ll discover how developing clinical-level self-care allows you to use the best of all medical systems, in the best form, to produce the best results, all in a highly educated way.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Introduction: How to understand the strengths and weaknesses of allopathic and natural medicine
  • Which conditions herbal medicine treats most effectively, with the most reliable positive outcomes
  • The importance of studying medications before you start them
  • When allopathic or natural medicine are primary, secondary, or contraindicated treatments
  • Tips for responding to your doctor when they prescribe a medication you don’t want
  • Ways to work with your doctor when prescription drugs may not be the first or best treatment — or when you’d like to safely discontinue medications and replace them with natural alternatives
  • How to work with your doctor when you want to create a personalized herbal program in conjunction with treatments such as chemotherapy

Module 4:
Clinical-Level Self-Care & the Home Pharmacy

(November 12)

This week, David will share how using herbal medicine for clinical-level self-care actually isn’t complicated at all — it only requires a few simple skills you can easily learn…

You’ll explore how herbs come in many forms and can be prepared in different ways, and the importance of taking them at specific times of day for best results. 

You’ll learn how to develop sensitivity to herbs’ effects and monitor which ones agree with your system — and which don’t. Certain categories of herbs may be hard to digest, while others may be contraindicated for specific conditions. 

David will share trusted sources for high-quality herbs and products. He’ll explain how, with this knowledge, you can easily assemble, prepare, and utilize a highly effective home pharmacy with countless benefits… for the rest of your life.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Introduction: Preliminary practices for creating optimum conditions for healing, using a home pharmacy
  • The role of family support in the healing process 
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions about a home pharmacy: types of herbal preparations, standard dosages and frequency, storage and shelf life, and others
  • The best times of day to take different types of herbs — and which herbs are contraindicated for specific conditions
  • What to do if your digestive system is sensitive to foods and herbs
  • Ways to recognize idiosyncratic reactions to foods, herbs, and drugs
  • How to take different types of herbs safely, and at what doses
  • Reliable sources for high-quality herbs

Module 5:
Common Complex Challenges

(November 19)

The rapid growth of natural medicine is a response to the need for safe and effective treatments — for complex infectious, inflammatory, degenerative, and immunological diseases. 

In this closing module, David will share how to understand holistic principles of diagnosis and treatment — and effectively practice clinical-level self-care.

When you’re knowledgeable about these concepts and understand the broader patterns of illness and processes of healing, you’ll learn to care for yourself more effectively — in ways that can first slow the progression of the disease, then stabilize it… and in many cases, reverse it.

In your final week together, David will share:

  • Introduction: Establishing realistic expectations and measuring progress when using your
    unique herbal program
  • Ways to avoid creating dependency on repeated or ongoing detoxification programs 
  • When to attack microbes, when to support terrain immunity, and when to do both
  • Principles of restoring health after repeated use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs
  • An overview of positive and negative herb and drug interactions

What You’ll Discover in These 5 Weeks

In this 5-week transformational intensive, David Crow will guide you step-by-step, showing you exactly how to personalize botanical medicine for YOUR specific needs. You’ll create a therapeutic plan to address common health concerns — from respiratory health and immunity, to chronic conditions and how to partner with your allopathic doctor (or not).

LIVE Classes with David EVERY Week! Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific

This is a rare opportunity to join David LIVE for five, 2-hour sessions! Each week you’ll gather with David live for in-depth teaching, interactive training sessions, and practices you can apply right away.

And, don’t worry if you can’t join David live — you can catch up anytime! You’ll receive lifetime access to streaming video recordings of each session. You can refer to them time and again to capture the teachings and practices at a time and pace that works for your schedule.

Interact with David via Live Streaming Video

You’ll easily connect with David (and your Clinical-Level Self-Care Community!) face-to-face via video. You can also drop in using audio-only if you prefer. Joining David online is easy — just use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Again, don’t worry if you can’t join us live! Complete video and audio recordings will be available for you soon after each class (generally within 24 hours of the live class).

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Listening to the Heart:
5 LIVE Sessions with David!

5 Guided Meditations LIVE with David

Starting Saturday, October 24, 10am Pacific

Within the heartbeat are great revelations and discoveries about the nature of our human life: our purpose and destiny, our impermanence and immortality, our interconnectedness to others, our place in a pulsating universe, our elemental and energetic essence, our ineffable true identity.

And a meditation practice is essential to our health and wellbeing — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual…

Join David for these five unique and memorable meditation sessions — devoted to simply listening to the heartbeat and the profound truths it reveals.


Soma: Ancient Elixirs, Modern Entheogens & Mystery Cults

One ticket for admission to David’s live online workshop

Register right now and receive one ticket to David’s live online teaching and interactive session exploring visionary plant medicine.

Many plants can produce powerful states of higher consciousness, give profound insights, and reveal transcendent realities. Unfortunately, they can also harm the body and mind if used improperly.

David will reveal how ancient cultures used these plants wisely as allies for spiritual growth — individually and collectively.

During this 90 minute LIVE event, you’ll discover:

  • How visionary power plants have been used through history
  • The Vedic Soma cult, the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries, and the impact of entheogens on civilizations
  • The relevance of visionary plants to the modern world
  • The “4 containers” for the safe and effective use of power plants — and the dangers of using plants outside those containers
  • Contemporary ritual traditions of botanical sacraments
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using medical cannabis — and when and how narcotics can support your spiritual evolution

Your Clinical-Level Self-Care Bonus Collection (Valued at $997)

In addition to David Crow’s transformative 5-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

5 LIVE Q&A Sessions with David!

Another RARE opportunity to have access to David — EVERY WEEK — and ask your most pressing health questions! 

You’ll be invited to submit your questions in advance of each session. David answers every question submitted — that’s right, David takes time to answer every question! 

This is a powerful opportunity to receive feedback in real-time, so you can make sure you’re applying what you discover to the specific circumstances of your life and unique health issues.

Combining Herbs & Essential Oils:

Your Respiratory & Immune Health Complete Teaching PLUS Home Formulary

Receive two complete teachings from David Crow’s groundbreaking course — and learn to safely and effectively combine herbs and essential oils for healing.

Combining Herbs & Oils for the Respiratory System

Numerous therapeutic categories of herbs are used for treating respiratory conditions including expectorants, mucolytics, decongestants, antitussives, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials and immune stimulants. Aromatherapy works directly on the respiratory system and essential oils have well-documented and powerful antimicrobial effects, making their use a highly effective modality. 

In this first complete teaching you’ll discover:

  • The different therapeutic categories of herbs for respiratory conditions, what oils they combine with most effectively, and why
  • Why essential oils are some of the best botanical remedies for expectorant and decongestant purposes
  • The antimicrobial powers of essential oils, their risks and limitations
  • Safe methods for using essential oils for respiratory conditions
  • Preparations of herbs and oils for herbal baths, chest compresses and other methods for respiratory purposes

Formulary for Treatment of Respiratory Conditions

Receive a complete home formulary — including combinations and applications of herbs and essential oils — for treatment of respiratory conditions.

In this complete formulary you’ll receive treatments for:

  • Colds and flus
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis and sinus allergies
  • Different types of cough
  • Detoxification from smoking
  • Asthma
  • Increasing respiratory immunity

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BRAND NEW! Receive Complete Transcripts of EVERY Session

For this powerful 5-week course, you’ll receive a complete transcript of EVERY session! Access online or print out to highlight, take notes, or read along with the video replay. Refer time and again to access every teaching and practice — plus what you need for your home pharmacy toolkit.

Principles for Clinical-Level Self-Care

Online Training

This is a unique opportunity to interact live and directly with David Crow — renowned teacher, botanical medicine expert and grassroots healthcare pioneer. His powerful insights, accessible teaching, and pioneering work are helping create a more beautiful and healthy world.

If you’re ready to take the next step in saving time, energy, and money as you  create a holistic therapeutic strategy based on your individual needs, click the enroll button below to reserve your space now.

Reserve your seat in David’s 5-week live video course, Principles for Clinical-Level Self-Care, which includes:

Five 2-hour sessions with David Crow — including a full hour of Q&A
Experience a unique opportunity to learn from plant medicine pioneer David Crow — from the comfort of your own home. Each session includes a live streaming video option, or just listen to the audio from your favorite device.
Course sessions are on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

Five Class Video Recordings
Soon after each class, the video will be available for you to stream in high-quality format. Should you miss a class, you can catch up when you watch the recording, anytime and anywhere — on any connected device.

Five Audio Recordings of Classes
After each class, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. Should you miss a class, you can listen in and catch up at your convenience.

Five PDF Transcripts of Classes
A week after each session is complete, you’ll receive a transcript of the entire class. You’ll be able to review, print, and highlight your favorite insights — and return to them whenever you’d like.

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Clinical-Level Self-Care



Enroll in Principles of
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A Rare Opportunity for Personal Consultation With David Crow

In addition to David’s transformative 5-week training and weekly Q&A sessions, you can add on a personalized consultation session with David.

This is a rare chance for sought-after one-on-one time with one of the world’s foremost experts and leading teachers in botanical medicine..

During your dedicated time with David, you can amplify everything you’re learning when you ask him your most pressing questions about how to apply his powerful teachings specifically to your circumstances and challenges, health issues you’ve been facing, and more.

Enroll in Principles of
Clinical-Level Self-Care



Enroll in Principles of
Clinical-Level Self-Care NOW

PLUS Receive a personal
consultation with David



Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If Principles for Clinical-Level Self-Care
 isn’t a great fit for you, for whatever reason — refunds will be issued up until 5:00pm Pacific until Thursday, October 29, 2020.

What Teachers Are Saying About David Crow...

“… benefit humanity today…”

David shows us how the wisdom of the ancient Himalayan cultures can benefit humanity today.

Deepak Chopra, MD, Author of How to Know God

“… provides great insights…”

David Crow provides great insights into the healing practices of Tibetan medicine and Buddhism.

Dr. Vasant Lad, author, Ayurvedic physician & director of the Ayurvedic Institute

“… knowledge of botanical medicine is unsurpassed …”

David is well-traveled and weaves traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medical wisdom together with modern scientific research and his own clinical experience.  His knowledge of botanical medicine is unsurpassed and grounded in an appreciation and love of the natural world that he brings to all his courses and topics.

—  Dr. Jill Stansbury, Naturopathic Physician, Associate Professor Botanical Medicine,
Medical Director

“David makes the ancient teachings… relevant to our times…”

David makes the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Tibetan medicine relevant to our times, without compromising his respect and reverence for the traditions.

— Robert Thurman, author of Essential Tibetan Buddhism

“… a clear and articulate teacher of deep herbal wisdom.”
David is a clear and articulate teacher of deep herbal wisdom. Steeped in the ancient arts, he also has his finger on the pulse of the most current research. Time spent with David is time well spent! 

— Dr. Marc Halpern, president of the California College of Ayurveda

“… his courses and classes are a treasure trove of information and knowledge.”

With a shared love of aromatherapy, herbal medicine and gardening, I regard him as one of the experts and teachers from whom I’ve learned the most, and from whom I continue to learn. David’s writings are inspiring, his essential oils are divine and his courses and classes are a treasure trove of information and knowledge. 

— Chanchal Cabrera, RH (AHG), medicinal herbalist

“…he shares practical ways to help you bring his teachings into your daily life.”

David Crow is a gifted teacher, practitioner and author, who has a deep understanding of how essential oils, herbs and Chinese medicine can enhance health and improve our lives. David’s educational programs are comprehensive, yet easily understood — and he shares practical ways to help you bring his teachings into your daily life.

— David Winston, RH(AHG), author of Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

“… the rare, remarkable ability to make clear the sometimes-arcane concepts of traditional healing systems.”

David Crow is an elite teacher of natural medicine who really knows what he’s talking about — and is able to express that deep knowledge in a way that his audience can sink their teeth into. He has the rare, remarkable ability to make clear the sometimes-arcane concepts of traditional healing systems, and he’s always up-to-date on modern developments in his field. 

— KP Khalsa, Ayurvedic Herbalist and Teacher

About David Crow

David Crow, LAc is one of the world’s foremost experts and leading speakers in the field of botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare. He’s a master herbalist, aromatherapist, and acupuncturist with over 30 years experience, and is an expert in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems. A renowned author and the founding director of Floracopeia, he has presented his vision of grassroots healthcare, botanical medicine preservation, and ecological restoration to hundreds of audiences, ranging from small private groups to conferences to a panel discussion with the Dalai Lama. He has given numerous keynote speeches, taught at conferences and colleges of naturopathic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine, and his book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, has been translated into three foreign editions. He travels and teaches throughout the world, and through his visionary synthesis of medicine, ecology, and spirituality, he has helped transform the lives of thousands.

What Participants Are Saying About David Crow...

“If we could all learn this amazing work? What a different world it would be!”

I just finished listening to David’s talk on attars. I had no knowledge about the creation of attars, ottos, hydrosols, etc. I loved the information in this talk. If we could all learn this amazing work? What a different world it would be! Thank you for all of your amazing hard work, David.

Susan H.

“Thank you, David Crow, for being here with this message that has shaped my life…” 

Twelve years ago, I laid my bundle of cedar at your feet and called you my teacher, impassioned by this message you have spent your career delivering. Thank you, David Crow, for being here today with this message that has shaped my life and livelihood.

Michelle K.

“… amazing medicine man.” 

David Crow is an amazing medicine man. Wisdom in action. Grow YOUR part of the global garden!

Andree S.

Enroll in Principles of
Clinical-Level Self-Care



Enroll in Principles of
Clinical-Level Self-Care NOW

PLUS Receive a personal
consultation with David



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