Discover How to Heal Mental and Emotional Patterns with Flowers

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Aspohdel-flower_cmprssImagine a way to clear negativity from the mind, enhance inner balance, and gain a renewed perspective on life.

Discover how a little-known remedy can release mental stress and negative emotional patterns (like persistent grief and self-judgment).

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  • How to release negative mental and emotional patterns using the power of flower essences
  • How flowers can help you release many types of inner stressors and trauma
  • How flower essences enhance our positive inner qualities
  • How flower essences work directly on consciousness
  • How to use flower essences effectively for yourself and others
  • How to make your own flower essences
  • How to identify the flower that holds the right healing intelligence for your unique needs

Elder-flower_cmprssFlower essences are a primary treatment for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls "Shen;" the term Shen means the "spirit" that resides in the heart, encompassing and controlling our mental and emotional wellbeing.

A flower essence captures the life energy, or Qi, of a flower; this floral energetic information simulates healing within the mind, supports emotional equilibrium, and helps improve our outlook on life.

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Sara_cmprssAbout Sara Crow, L.Ac.

Sara Crow is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, natural skin care expert and flower essence practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience. She holds a Masters degree in Traditional Asian Medicine and has extensive experience and training in both Eastern and Western medical approaches.

Sara is a true leader and authentic voice in the field of botanical medicine, holistic beauty and sustainable skin care.

Sara Crow is a master flower essence formulator and educator with two decades of experience. She uses flower essences in her clinical practice and is the creator of Floracopeia's FlorAlchemy line. Her flower essences infuse the Floracopeia skincare line for radiance, inner beauty, and psychospiritual health.

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