with Sara Crow, L.Ac.

Learn how to get the best skin ever...using only high quality botanicals.


About Sara Crow, L.Ac. & Floracopeia

Sara Crow is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist practicing on California’s central coast. She has a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and has over 3100 hours of formal training in acupuncture, herbology, and nutrition.

Sara is a flower essence practitioner and educator with over 17 years of experience. She specializes in using flower essences in her clinical practice and is the creator of Floracopeia's FlorAlchemy line.

Sara delights in capturing the beauty of the natural world as a nature photographer and artist.

Sara is uniquely gifted as an intuitive and subtle energy healer. She offers health consultations and energetic healing with a multi-layered approach, by phone and skype. She can be reached through the Floracopeia website.

Floracopeia's organic, wildcrafted, and ethically cultivated essential oils and aromatic treasures are sourced from a variety of ecological projects throughout the world. Each project represents an inspiring story of sustainable and organic agriculture, poverty alleviation, grassroots healthcare and the preservation of ethnobotanical culture.